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Setting up Home Network
Antivirus Installation and Update
Parental Control
Slow Computer

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Product Description

Get a faster fix your issue with our 24/7 Expert Support :
a) Setting up Home Network :-
If you have several concerns while getting Wi-Fi in your home, we offer:
Setting up a new router where you don’t need to worry about following instructions from confusing user manuals.
Complete security arrangements using the latest encryption technology to prevent unauthorized usage of your Wi-Fi network.
b) Antivirus Installation and Update: –
Virus programs have become a nuisance that cannot be ignored. Tackled naively, these can wreak havoc, which is why we aid with:
c) Parental Control :-
Child safety can be an issue if the parents are unsure of the approach to take. We help you to
Keep a track of people with whom your kids are interacting online.
Assist in keeping the children away from cyber bullying and cyber stalking as done by cyber predators.
Installing and exercising effective parental controls
d) Firewall protection/Malware protection/Spyware protection :-
Most of the users are confused between a firewall/malware & spyware protection and Antivirus, and thus the solution they need to be ready with. We thus make sure you:
Understand the difference between all (for example, virus damages data whereas spyware steals it).
Get a security system that ensures all-round protection (antivirus for virus; anti-Trojan for Trojans; anti- spyware for spyware and so on so forth).
Install a rigid firewall and anti-malware protection.
Install the strongest security systems with complete protection so that all aspects of your online browsing are covered properly and you can use your computer without any worries.
e) Slow Computer
If the word ‘slow’ has attached itself with everything you work on the system, resolve the issues with us. We help:
To revamp slow browsing speed
To decrease the system boot time
To remedy the cause which is behind sudden start or shut down of the computer
To remove infections present in the computer
To delete junk files on the system
f) Registry cleaning :-
Registry accumulates and over the time becomes overwhelming for the system, so much so the system is not what it used to be. We act on your cue to:
Clean the clutter of old registry keys or remains of old program keys
Prevent any kind of damage that may be caused by the deletion of some registry keys
Prevent data loss caused by accidental registry cleaning.
g) Connectivity with Network:- With a new Smart TV, we can help you
Connect it to the Wi-Fi Internet if you are finding it difficult.
Set it up correctly with simple instructions without confusing user manuals.
·Secure the network for safe browsing sessions.